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About us

Inver National School is a rural, co-educational primary school situated approximately 11km from Donegal Town just off the N56 near Inver village. We are fortunate to be within walking distance of Inver beach which often provides a wonderful resource for teaching and learning.

Inver N.S is under the patronage of the Church of Ireland Bishop of Derry and Raphoe, The Right Reverend Andrew Forster.

Although we provide Religious Education for our pupils in accordance with the doctrines, practices and traditions of the Church of Ireland, we welcome children of all faiths and none.

Our school has a happy, relaxed atmosphere where the children experience a sense of belonging in a caring environment.

In our school pupils are encouraged to learn at their own pace and to develop to their full potential and our hope is that every child will enjoy a fulfilling school life in Inver N.S.



Principal: Mrs. Wendy Boyd

Class Teachers: Mrs. Emma Duncan , Mrs. Deyna Walsh

Special Education Teachers: Mrs. Wendy Boyd

Special Needs Assistant: Ms. Deborah Murray, Ms. Sharon Finnerty

School Secretary: Mrs. Phyllis Young


 Board of Management

The patron of the school is the Church of Ireland Bishop of the Diocese. The Board of Management which normally has a three year term of office, is responsible for the appointment of staff and the overall running of the school

The Board of Management is constituted according to the Department of Education and Science guidelines and the present members of the Board are;

Chairperson: Rev. Susan Elliott

Secretary: Mrs. Wendy Boyd

Staff Representative: Mrs. Emma Duncan

Parents’ Representatives: Mrs. Anne Claire Morrow, Mr. Luke Wilson

Community Representatives: Mrs. Donna Boyd, Mr. Billy Torrens

Bishop’s Nominee: Mrs. Charlotte Henry


School Parents Association





Our Parents Association is an important of our school life. All parents of children in the school are members and they then elect a core administrative committee every four years.

The present core committee members are as follows:

Chairperson: Mervyl McGettigan

Secretary: Sharon Graham

Treasurer: Jennifer Maxwell


School Times

Arrival and settling time: 9.00am - 9.20am

Teaching time: 9.20am - 2.50pm

Break: 11am - 11.10am

Lunch: 12.30pm - 1.00pm

(Infant classes go home at 2pm)

Our History

There are reports of several schools existing in the Parish of Inver in the 1800s. These include schools at Coolshangan Drumlatafin, Drumatumper, Drumbarron, Drumduff, Drumfin, Gortward, Tonragee and The Port. These schools were privately funded and came and went - some moving with the teacher and others moving when a better building was available.

After the closure of Drumduff School, Inver in 1890 and the subsequent threaten closure of Drumfin School, Inver, Rev. A. Tydd, Rector of the Parish of Inver, worked towards building a new school, central to the catchment area of the parish and therefore near Inver Bridge.

A site was donated by local landlord William Sinclair of Bonnyglen and plans drawn up by M. Steadman, Esq., County Surveyor. It is believed locally that Mrs Montgomery Stewart of Drumbeg House, who had visited China when young and developed an interest in Chinese architecture, was influential in the design of the front of the school. The contract to build the school was given to Mr. James McClay, Strabane at a cost of £350. The school opened on 10th January 1910 and was taken into the National School System in 1914.

Gortward School, Mountcharles (first mentioned in a report of 1826) was amalgamated with Inver School in 1914.

Drimcoe N.S., Doorin Point, which was opened in 1845, closed in 1975 and those pupils then also attended Inver N.S.

There have been several updates to the layout, structure and size of the school and grounds over the subsequent years with the school presently comprising of two Classrooms, a Special Education Room, a Staff Room and an Office.



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